GRG Community Night 8/17

Join us for another weekly edition of GRG’s Community Night. A night were we rally up the troops and shoot people in the faces. Look for members in lobbies of Overwatch, ARK, and even a Destiny Iron Banner room. Lobbies starting around 9pm EST. As always feel free to join any member party especially GRG staff.

I’ll be running a Destiny Iron Banana lobby tonight for those interested.

I’ll probably be wrastling if anyone wants to play.

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I’ll be around for some IB. I’ve fallen back into the destiny grind.

Think i will have a BF4 room tonight. Since Friday the Titanfall 2 tech test comes out so i dont know if that will shift the focus for Fridays event

Will be on for IB, ready to run a 2nd party if necessary

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Is anyone interested in running an Overwatch lobby?


Been a long time, Destiny could be interesting.

I’ll see you guys on Destiny for sure.

Can’t make it tonight due to IRL Poker Night

Well if there is no takers for BF4 then I will be doing Destiny IB as well

@Lala_Calamari, I’m there if @Kahuner is down to help in case of disconnects. I’ve done all people have recommended to get my configuration right.

Can someone translate this please?

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Mac will play Overwatch and hopes kahuner plays too.

This was the sentence in question.

What part? I’m saying I adjusted my router settings. Was that so difficult?

What are you playing overwatch on?

@charlieRUCKA: Xbox One.