GRG Community Night 8/2

It’s the weekly GRG Community night. Let’s squad up and shoot some shit! What games will you be on and what system?

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I’d like to run some Iron Banner tonight if we can scrounge up a team. If not I’ll wait for Friday night. @DestinyPlayers

If I don’t get any bites on that in this post then I’ll just run a BF1 room. @BattlefieldPlayers

Hoping to get some Dark and Light in tonight.

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I will be on BF1.

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I’ll be a bit late due to work. I’ll login and see what people are playing and join up.

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I’ll be hosting the early night on PS4.
From about 1500 EST - 1900 EST (8-12PM BST).

Happy to run anything, Destiny 1, Battlefield 4, Rocket League or Paladins.

I’ll create a party through the PS community so feel free to join that whenever.

I’ll push party invites if I see anyone on and get us at least talking even if y’all want to play different games.

Appreciate it if someone could carry the party later into the evening to keep it alive for those who can’t join that early.

Mention in the comments below if you’ll be on and want to play something MP!


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Probably will be on BF1

I’m down for some Iron Banner tonight when I get home, @Lala_Calamari.

I’m probably going to be on Dark and Light tonight. If no one is on the server, then I’ll jump into some BF1.

I’ll get on some Paladins ton8ght. Got a ball game at 6:30, by the time I have a couple of wobbly pops and get home I should be on by 9:30

BF1 probably for me Could do iron banner too doesn’t matter.

No gaming for me tonight. Got the future in laws over for dinner tonight. I’ll be around for IB next couple of days.

Evening to late night drunken CoD on the X1 for me, probably Ops 3 TDM but maybe some MWR cause I heard they made prop hunt a regular game mode. Might hit up the PS4 night for a bit if I can get free early enough. Don’t have many games on there anymore though.

Paladins is free…hint hint wink wink

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Im down for some Iron Banner action.

Party is up - just hanging out in Rocket League for now.

Think I’ll switch games every 45 minutes or so, unless someone joins me and wants to play something.

Edit: Switched to Destiny for some Iron Banner
Edit: Switched to BF4 for some gun-toting madness
Edit: Onto Paladins for the last game of the night

Forgot about Paladins but good call. I gotta like any game that wants to let me have a pony AND a murder spree.

I’ll see if I can find my backpack to carry y’all fools

We had a good Destiny Iron Banner Party. Once we got antiquated with the game we curb stomped some teams. I have a few clips I need to throw together. Loved the sniper round on Floating Gardens.

GG @DuvalFunk @anon8564842 @BrambledWhiskey

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Oh Christ. Now I have to remember who was all in BF1. @Grex @SALT @mnvikesfan @FetalInjury @Ripply @GrayBush MrWhiskerBizkit and I give up. Tag yourselves. Good turnout. Great games once I got the hang of it again.