GRG Community Night 8/24 WWE Tournament!

This week GRG is holding a special Community Night! It’s time for GRG’s WrassleMania! WWE 2k16 is free with Games for Gold, download it and let’s get some matches on! Make sure to sign up first!. The rules are just like GRG’s Membership, simple.

This first tournament will be 1v1 single elimination. 1st round Match-ups will be drawn from a hat.

If you can record or stream your match that would be awesome. If you do stream to twitch please setup your twitch account to archive it so I can download it later.

I’m sure we can run some other matches after we round up those eliminated. We’re also looking for anyone else interested in running a room in any different games (Overwatch, BF, etc).

Oh Thank God I got to work from 6 PM to 3 AM all week until Saturday . LOL !!!


Had fun on the Battlefield! Thanks for coming out @catsweat @DuvalFunk and @rigwit

Thanks for stopping in to chat @pat_nukem

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Got my ass kicked in WWE. I was also let down, Vince McMahon is an unlockable character.

Had fun last night. Good times on both the Xbone and PS4 side! Cheers!