GRG Community Night 8/3

Join us for another weekly edition of GRG’s Community Night. A night were we rally up the troops and shoot people in the faces. Look for members in lobbies of Overwatch, ARK, and Division. Lobbies starting around 9pm EST. As always feel free to join any member party especially GRG staff.

Also, Mac will be starting an Overwatch Room on the XB1 and Klown will be running the PS4 Overwatch room.

Im in for overwatch, assuming that it isnt hit by anither DDoS attack. The Lucio Soccer is really fun when it was working.

Planning on running some of those tonight.

Overwatch it is.

I’ll jump in for some overwatch.


I think i will be checking out this summer games update on Overwatch about 830-9pm then move on to Doom MP around 10-1030 for a bit if anyone is interested. @RebelxHeart are you still around

Had a good time in Ark for the PC with @anon42851937, @D1G1TALC1PHERS, and @TheBodyFarmer with @Grex joining us for chat.

Interesting that the win 10 update now shows what your friends are playing for the PC in the friends list.

Another full room of Overwatch. Good games tonight, AI Ana is bad ass.

Damn AI Ana put me to sleep twice!

Good games last night. Excuse the shitty connection. Thanks to Kahuner for rounding up the players early.

Happy to do it, and even happier to see the fan back in action! :slight_smile: