GRG Community Night 8/30

It’s the weekly GRG Community night. Let’s squad up and shoot some shit! What games will you be on and what system?

Also looking for GRG game clips. Please record any epic kills or fails! Thanks.

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Guys, I really need some GRG action video clips!

I’d like to make another GRG Video Highlight montage like this one.

PM me a link to the video or drop it in this thread.

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@ESOPlayers this is where I’ll be tonight

Horns of the Reach Community Night Xbox One August 30, 2017 9pm EST

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I have some lawbreakers clips to edit. Then ill send em over. Unless you want me to upload a whole match for you to peruse. They’re pretty short.

I’m up to play anything on PS4 that I own.
I’ll see if anyone starts playing something I have and then I’ll send a message to them.


I checked out TDM. Not a fan personally

I might be a bit late. Still sitting at 85% downloaded.

Yeah right.
I’ve only just discovered that the PS4 auto-download option means it will check randomly once a day for any game updates.
So if it’s off, I miss that chance.
You have to leave the console in ‘rest mode’ 24/7.
Even then you could have to download the update if it releases same day as you want to play.

Turns out I have 7 game updates pending.

Same with Xbox. It has “always on” to enable updates. Only works when it wants to.

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I bought the DLC. I think it updated. I will be on ESO if it works.

I’m in. It works.

A good sized group was out in ESO. Too bad I spent the entire time gearing out my toon and then learning the combos. I was executing for over 21k damage. Maybe next time I’ll run the dungeons.

What. A. Night. Great dungeon. Two hours on the edge of my seat just in one DLC dungeon. I’ll throw together a collection of clips for this.

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Had a decent time with @LudwigVonTokkenTakke in LawBreakers last night. Couple of good games, couple of crappy ones. I wish randos everywhere knew how to play the objective.