GRG Community Night 8/5

It’s another Wednesday and it’s another GRG’s Community Night. We’ll have the GRG Regulators laying waste to Cyrodiil. We’ll be running a large group in TESO’s PvP under the Non-Veteran Campaign called Versidue Shaie. Also, Disney will be hosting CoD and Audible will be running a Planetside 2 room. Finally we’ll wrap up with World of Tanks with Hawklander and GRG Jackal! Let us know what you’ll be playing tonight!

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I’ll be on around 9ish EST for some ESO PvP.

I’ll probably be a little late due to a meeting. Likely around 9:30 central.

Kicking family off internetz tonight to try and get some tanks in

If I get no love in ESO, I may go WoT. Or GTA…

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I will be on GTA or COD around 7 central

Gonna try to get on for some ESO.

I’ll be on Planetside About 8pm Eastern. Lets roll all tanks or all fighters for a few minutes… might be fun…


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I’ll be on, but if ur talking flyers bro I suck very much bad at flying lol, but I’ll give it the old college try.

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I’ll be on doing the RL tourney thing w/ @D1G1TALC1PHERS kicking @RTuTTle86 and @assassin_ginger’s collective asses. Then shooting faces with the fine fellas playing Planetside 2.

you can be my gunner if you want. we’ll see how it plays out.

I’m working tonight :disappointed:

Yes every Wed night is community night.

Gotta get da booty @skiver… That more important!

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I was at a theme park all day, just got in and am going to sleep.

Apparently, the term “short meeting” is church speak for “hope you didn’t have anything else planned tonight”. So, I didn’t get home until well after 10 central and crashed.

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“Forgot”. That’s funny. You sure sounded really tough when he wasn’t there to defend himself. I do remember the words “bitch” and “sammich”.


What happened with ESO pvp I was filling soul gems and no one was on lol.

I was on around 9ish (EST) and only Wikid was on. I hung around 9:30 and we never really got enough people on to run. So I just went rage in CoD. Hopefully we can rally some troops on Saturday. I know quite a few are away on vacation.