GRG Community Night - 9/20

Just a reminder that tonight is GRG’s community night. Obviously the main focus for most will be Destiny 2. Can you be the leader of your tater group?

We’ll also have some guys running Battlegrounds, maybe some BF1 and various other games. Let us know what you’re playing and party up. Don’t game alone!

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I will be working on finishing up the story mode of Destiny. Have about 3 missions left.

I will be on Destiny hopefully finishing the Nightfall with @Lala_Calamari and @DuvalFunk and after finishing that in 20 minutes we’ll see what happens.


Around on D2 tonight.
Either to help those with challenges, maybe give the NF a go and/or run as a lower toon for fun.

i am a big fat maybe tonight. If I can get on i will be on D2.

I will be on D2. I still need the NF and to run the crucible.

I’m game to finish that NF. Then maybe run some Crucible afterwards.

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I’m liokung to run nf and crucible too. Anyone looking to put a raid group together?

I will be on looking to do nf and raid

Any time after 7pm EST I can Destiny 2. Will jump in for nightfall or raid if enough people want to. I’ll probably be doing some PUBG unless summoned, so just yell at me in discord if a spot needs filling and I’ll switch over

So you’re not really omniscient. Disappointed.

I’ll probably be on finishing up story mode in D2 when I get home.

@beers_and_leafs @Lala_Calamari Nightfall and crucible action! I’ll be there.

Where is that poser @TEXENT does he even Destiny 2?

I’ll be on D2, trying to get on earlier to potato up

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Need to do NF on two characters and leveling the third. Should be on around 8 cst (9 pm lala time)

I will be on D2. I’ll be exploring, but would try the Nightfall if others are up for it

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No I’m too busy waiting for our madden to advance

Good Crucible matches with @Johneffinggalt @ezekielJP

Was flying with the blood of my enemies

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@beers_and_leafs, @DuvalFunk and I finished the Nightfall.

We may or may not have been all dead and the boss may or may not of fallen off the edge. All I know is I got loot and credit for completing it.