GRG Community Night 9/27

Just a reminder that tonight is GRG’s community night. Obviously the main focus for most will be Destiny 2. Can you be the leader of your tater group?

We’ll also have some guys running Battlegrounds, maybe some BF1 and various other games. Let us know what you’re playing and party up. Don’t game alone!

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I’ve got a voidlock at 272 wanting to go balls deep in Leviathan. I have never raided nor nightfalled. What type of lube should I use?

I’m up for whatever tonight. Crucible, Fail Raid or maybe some Fortnite Battle Royale w/ cheese.

i am also down for watever. NF, Raid, maybe some roofie roulette

I’ll keep with the trend and say I am down for whatever also…NF, Raid, Crucible or just fucking around.

A lot of decisive fucks…

You all suck. Someone sherpa me through the raid! And not the 10 hour raid guys… :grin:

You hear that Mr. Deliverance? LaLa is ready to go into the Raid with us! I’ll be online tonight to finish off my Call to Arms and Clan XP milestones. I’ll be looking to put a fire team together. Hit me up.

I’m down to do some stuff on D2, PvP, Nightfall, whatever you guys feel like doing.

If you see agentbond001 on, go ahead and join my party. I’ll create one for anyone want to chill and play vidya games with me and the rest of the GRG

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add in @PlayStationPlayers

Destiny 2 is dead. Let’s all join up for rocket league. @Lala_Calamari and @anon3687162 can be team captains.


What a cluster fuck of a team. I don’t think either of us touched the ball on purpose.

Anyone leveling tonight? My Titan is a 15

I’ve got a level 11 Hunter @Gunny

Great Night Fall run @brokain and @mnvikesfan!

Afterwards we ran some Crucible and crushed some scrubs (other than that one clash match… :weary:). @brokain @mnvikesfan @ezekielJP @necrofraggle

Yep, fun times last night @Elgr8one @ixL0N3W0LFxi @Hogarthehuge Winning all those Crucible matches, except when we fell to the pressure when I started to broadcast.

No one responded to my posts for raid partners :sob: #salt. My brother and I did some strikes with some randos then I ground out some Dead Orbit tokens in the EDZ with my Titan. I’ve almost got a full armor set from DO now. Just need the helmet. Anyone looking to raid tonight? I never did in Destiny. Help me pop my cherry!

I’m still trying to build up strength to raid. I’m just not sure I’m prepared for the frustration it’ll bring.

Maybe I’ll raid tonight. I have the LL, just need to will power.

The raid is challenging and a grind…if you do end up giving it a run I’m in and I have a save point after the pleasure garden.

Like you’re not gonna raid, come on