GRG Community Night - Destiny Havoc / Raid Edition 9/23




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I know the XBox side will have a Crucible room going. If there is enough interest, I’ll break off the group and start a second room. I need a break from grinding PvE.

PS4 Side:

@RTuTTle86 will be running a Destiny room to start this evening. If we get too many people for the party, we will break it into smaller ones. Feel free to join; there may be people running Strike playlist, Crucible, PvE, etc. The new King’s Fall RAID will be focused on by a few with high enough light level.

Not sure if @Audible_Silence or @Klown4Life have any intention to run other rooms for other games. Not really many multi-player games aside from D:TTK right now unfortunately.

I will be in Destiny on XB1, starting at 8c. I’m up for anything, I’ve got plenty to do. If anyone needs help running thru story, let me know.

i feel like crap, i’m sure if im going to play anything tonight. i might just make some soup and watch netflix.

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I need help with night fall. I am on xbox one

Not sure how much help I’ll be. Only 238 LL. What’s your GT?

I might be on after my playoff game, but I think I traded in destiny. We shall see. Maybe i’ll just join a party and play with myself… :heartpulse:

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I will be on tonight and if the times match I’ll gladly join the pvp side

I don’t think light level counts unless it’s during Iron Banner…I could be wrong…

I’m on now myself (XB1)

I honestly don’t know, haven’t played as much Destiny as some of our other guys. I’ll be on Destiny soon.

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Where are all the bros?!


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I got on a bit late but was able to join in the Crucible fireteam. We had some good games and won most matches. Not sure what my problem was though, I played horrible. Just felt some serious lag, I’d have my scout rifle’s reticle on the enemy but wasn’t getting hit markers. I just could never get into the flow of things.

What system are you on?

Hit up tuttle or alphamack, they handle the ps4 side of Destiny.