GRG Community Night - May the 4th be with you!

Join us for another weekly edition of GRG’s Community Night. A night were we rally up the troops and shoot people in the faces This week we are focusing on a few different games. Specifically Star Wars Battlefront since it’s May the 4th! We’ll also have a large group running rampant in Ark. We will have rooms on the XB1 and PS4 for the newest shiny pennies, BattleBorn as well as the Overwatch Beta. Finally, I’m sure we can muster up a few CoD BLOPS3 players.


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I been having a last blast playing Battleborn, played most the day yesterday with a few GRG members. I’ll be on most of the day tomorrow as well. So join up in the party and we’ll get it going.

Story missions, incursion, meltdown, and control /domanation gameplay, up for anything.

fyi, we are adding you to the community night event announcement.

@AmuseKus, I moved this to the Event forum post.

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I will be hosting an overwatch room on PS4. Open beta starts tonight at 4 pm pdt and 7 pm est

I lnow i will have @RebelxHeart hoping to see @Savvy and others

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I’ll be on Ark preparing for Purge Day, but will probably be on late.

Up for Overwatch , BO3 , Halo V , Division , just about anything as long as it is all clan members joining together and drinking/bullshitting with each other .

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i will be running a room in Battlefront (XB1) to get my Star Wars nerd on for the 4th.

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I will be on for some shenanigans.

Just got my 4,444 credits just for logging in .

I will be preparing for the epic war in ARK!!

I have a birthday dinner tonight, so I don’t think I should host a room, but I will try and get on early enough, probably for a few matches of COD.

I’ll try to jump on for some OW beta, but my d/l is stuck on 8% for a long time…

We had a pretty decent sized group playing Overwatch customs tonight. Had a good time. I’d like to see a team randomizer built in just to mix shit up.

Hard bots OP, plz nerf

No shit, that one Soldier 76 was BRUTAL.