GRG Community Night - the 4/20 Edition

Join us for another weekly edition of GRG’s Community Night. A night were we rally up the troops and shoot people in the faces. This week is mostly a mixed night of gaming due to any real unifying game. We do have the ARK: Tame Wars scheduled this evening on Zombie’s server. Also, Klown4Life will be running a RB6 room. We’re looking for people willing to step up and help run rooms. Division Incursions? CoD? My Pretty Pony Adventures?

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Hopefully we can get enough together for private face shooting matches on RB6. If we resort to pubs I will apologize now for making your Back hurt from carrying me

Tame wars should be great fun. I will be taking wagers all day so let me know. You are welcome to bet any mats/gear/tames animals. Bring something good. Will not be accepting standard mats. If you need an acceptable currency list. Let me know.

BO 3 or The Division . Depends how many are playing what game . Prefer some BO 3 .

BO 3 for me. Need a break from Division.

Anyone up for Rocket League?

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So do we have our own XB1 server now? If so how do I get in? Going back to Ark might be some fun.

I’ll do a COD room if needed. Depending on how many will do some Pubs or Privates.

@Zombieswepper is running a server. Message him to get added to the server. If you are on before he gets back to you join in on him, myself, @D1G1TALC1PHERS, or @anon42851937.

Thanks I sent him a message via XB1

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Currently looking for tribe members. Got two nice spots, and I am the only one in game with BEER! Jump in the party in you get on and someone can come find you.

Not for long. Poo Poo Brew coming soon!


Sorry guys, I’m going anti social tonight. I got this wonderful migraine going on right now. Feel like I have an ice pick Jammed above my left eye.

I will be on for some COD soon, just got into the pool late and running a bit behind.

Tame Wars was a success. I’ll have video up tomorrow morning to share.



I was there, sort of. Okay I was in my own little space working on leveling up my fresh new character. But I was in party chat does that count!?!?

It counts.

Although you did miss getting shot with tranqs after.