GRG Create Your Own Wrastler Multi Man Tournament

Wed September 14th we will be hosting a create your own wrestler tournament. It will start at 9:00 PM EST.

If you would like to play sign up below.

Rules for creating your wrestler…

Must be a Superstar (No Divas)
Must be in the Heavyweight class

Skills - All of them
Attributes - Make all of your attributes 75
Abilities - You can select up to 3 Level 3 abilities
Max Level - 87 ( You wrestler can not be over 87)

Once I know how many people are signed up I will select what type of matches. They will be either 4 or 6 man. Batle Royal, Ladder, Hell in the Cell type stuff.

I’m in for a beating again.

Sounds like fun, I should be down for this. I’ll start on the wrassler now and maybe it’ll be done by the tourney date!

I’m in.