GRG Destiny Fail Raid

@DestinyPlayers Another Bump for the EOW raid this week…we have had many guardians (more than enough to run 2 teams) back for the faction rally and I hope that some of you will consider doing the Raid with us… @Sniper_T1 has the Argos Checkpoint so you can get the completion engram (when we destroy that Argos bitch) we will have enough GRG for the clan engram and if we get it done too fast we can decide to rerun EOW (for fun and chests) or work on faction Rally stuff like the Nightfall to unlock the helmet ornament everyone is talking about. Protocol is the same as normal, let us know and we will hold a spot if there is less than 6 otherwise 1st come 1st in and if we have enough we will run 2 teams…see you guardians at 9

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I’m guessing this is 8 PM CST. Cause all times in GRG are in EST?


Can’t make it tonight. Kick his ass for me.

I have Argos PH1 checkpoint right now on all three characters and Destroyer has it on one of his. Will try to get PH2 before the tater raid tonight. If anyone wants to run a non tater raid this afternoon I will be on about 3 est with MLG’s getting clears for my other characters. No first timers for the early raid though. Just message me and I will work you in as soon as I can.

So far for the 9 est raid we have Destroyer, @valiantvictory and @ezekielJP. I know @Zigography, expressed interest.

Ok fellas, we have Argos PH2 checkpoint for tonight.

2 clears for GRG… good stuff gents we will be ready for prestige in May

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MLG raids went great with @valiantvictory. 30 minutes to clear last phase. Destroyer was late, so we ended up starting another MLG raid about 11:30 and cleared it multiple times. Almost felt sorry for Argos as he was taking such a beating. Destroyer was on fire. Most damage by far every round. We were just wrecking Argos. We finally quite about 5 am est. Hard to quit when you are having that much fun. Next week same thing. MLG raid at 7:00 est. Tater raid at 9:00 est and everyone is welcome to this. We need to groom some new raiders so now is a good time to learn. I still say the raid is the better part of the Destiny player experience. @DestinyPlayers


Bump For Tonight @DestinyPlayers. We will be running the tater raid at 9 est on the xbox side. Good times. You don’t have to commit to an all nighter. We will run a couple of hours then decide to continue or break up and do other things.

Please let us know interest, if you plan to join, even if later. This will help us plan on staffing. Meaning if we have a bunch of us that have done it, then we can fill in with LFG/mlg but if we have some new peeps we can have a more casual group. @DestinyPlayers

I’m intending to be there at 9, we’ll see if life gets in the way.

I should be there

@DestinyPlayers there is some interest to finish what we started last night. If we get 6 we run if not we can discuss lfg or crucible or nightfall…prolly gonna be 9:30ish start. Lemme know or just show up.

I’ll fight with you. I am just watching Jessica Jones. Send me a party invite when you start getting ready.

I’m down to try

I might get in around 10:30-11ish Eastern. Celebrating my birthday with the in-laws, but I want Argos to taste my shit!! Hahahaha