GRG Fantasy Baseball

Just curious if those that were in it last season, or anyone else is interested in doing this again?

Now, I didn’t set it up or anything last time, so hopefully someone that did will be interested again this time.

I likely would be interested.

I think @D1G1TALC1PHERS was the one who started the league last year. I know @h2daddy and @beers_and_leafs1 played and would probably play again. Fetal would probably be in if he was available. That’s just my thoughts but not sure if they would be in.

I’m out. I don’t have time.

Too much to manage with fantasy baseball, which is why I stopped playing it years ago. I only do fantasy football now a days.

I will join !

This is baseball.

I’ll definitely join, but I have no time to run it.

I would be interested in doing it this year…

I am new this season but I would love to play some fantasy baseball. Or be part of an online MLB:The Show league if the clan starts one

If you are still looking for one more let me know. I love baseball and would like to play some fantasy

Dis, don’t forget @CallmeCaboose

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