GRG Fantasy Football 2016

Going to get this going early this year. If you would like to play please let me know below and send me your email. If you played last year you are already in the league. Even if you played last year please let me know you want to play this year.

You can find the league here…

I’m in. Gotta come up with a new team name this year. Stay tuned.

@CaptainPeeJ @Al_Greazy @anon42851937 @anon3687162 @Claude505 @BalekFekete


Count me in

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In to lose.

I’m in



Count me in.


I am in… Damn huge league. Drafting before labor day @D1G1TALC1PHERS??

As of right now I have the draft set for Sunday Aug 28 @9:00 EST.

If this is a problem for any one please let me know and I will try to adjust it. As of right now we have 10. I will allow 2 more in if anyone else is interested.


I have adjusted the setup a little bit. I am sure we all are in enough standard leagues.

Things I changed:

1 This is now a PPR league. You get 0.5 points per reception
3 I increased the bench to 8 players

*DP = Defensive Player. It can be any defensive position but in most cases everyone will run a LB.

DP Scording:

Sack = 2
INT = 2
Forced Fumble = 1
Fumble Rec = 1
Tackle = 1
Safety = 1
Assisted Tackle = 0.5
Pass Defended = 0.5

I made it only 1 DP as it will not take any research on your part if you don’t want to. Just pick the high scoring non injured DP available.

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Discord Chat while we draft or Google Hangouts?

Friendly reminder that the draft is Sunday night. Please be there at all cost. Fuck the kids, the wife, and all the other BS. It’s fantasy football time!!!

@tremount I need your email.

@TexasReaperCrew you still haven’t come up with a name?

My new name and logo…


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How could I follow that? Dez Nutz is what it’s gonna have to be

We have setup a Fantasy Football Draft channel on Discord for anyone that wants to chat.

Fucking auto draft and I get stuck with Romo and five defensive players… FML