GRG Forza 7 Racing League - Sign Up Now!

Forza 7 is right around the corner, 10/3. It seems that we have some good interest in it. I would like to setup a racing league. If you are interested post below. Also answer the poll question so we can have an idea of how often you want to race. @ForzaPlayers

League Notes:

  • All skill levels
  • Classes,Cars, Tracks & Tunes will all be assigned before race night. Mostly A class and below to begin with.
  • Recaps, Clips/Videos, and Winners posted after the race. Show GRG you are the fastest potato
  • Best Paint Job Contest - Show GRG you are the man with a airbrush or just steal one from the marketplace
  • Clean racing is preferred but we know rubbing happens. Just don’t let it get out of hand.
  • If you are a slower driver allow faster traffic to pass you if possible
  • This league is casual. We won’t keep points and it’s come and go as you please. Just have fun with it. The more you drive the better you will get.

  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Bi-monthly

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I’m gonna get this, just looked into preordering. Looking forward to it


It’s going to be nice getting back to track racing. FH3 is a ton of fun but track racing is my favorite.


Racing league sounds like fun. Definitely getting this.

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Looking forward to this.

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How does the track experience differ from FH3? That was the first Forza game i have owned.

mmhm…more simulation, more precision needed.

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90% less air time.

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I’m looking forward to this even though I’m a terrible driver.

The other thing we can do are hot laps.

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I’m still on the fence about pre-ordering this game. I am itching to get back into a more simulation driving game. Depending on what day you’d want to race will determine if I join the league or not.

What day would be best for you? I would like to get as many as possible. Any night but community night could work.

Thurs or fri nights work best. I couldn’t do every week but twice a month would work.


Ok if Bi-Monthly is being used as in done twice a month…I am down for that over weekly for the league.

Then you could go 1 week of casual play, then 1 week competitive. Allow people to get in their practice runs before the actual events.

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I’m interested but Saturday or Sunday are the only nights I’m available.

I am so down for this. I like fh3 but I have always been more of a track guy. Count me in


What if we just replaced the FH3 Sunday Night with just:


I would prefer a weeknight but we can figure that out closer to release. I do want to try and accommodate for as many people as possible.

Sunday nights are tough with football and Walking Dead.


oh yeah…that season is starting up huh.

After October any night works for me.