GRG Friday Night Blackout 10/12



Join GRG for a night of Call of Duty 4 Blackout! We’ll be playing the newest Battle Royale game all night long this Friday, October 12th. We’ll have parties set up for Xbox and for PS4.

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@codplayers Who’s up for some Friday night Blackout?

i will be on for this.

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Yep !!! All weekend long.

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Yes, I will not be on for this.

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I hope Friendly fire is on…

I’ll likely play some over the weekend but Friday night is Raid night although I might sneak in a round or two if time permits.

I will be on

Just call my name and I’ll be there.

The trailer for game makes it look fun-ish….

I’ll be on around 9 - just undecided whether to pick up for Xbox or PS4.

Any of the @PlayStationPlayers getting this? Let’s a squad going with that group!

I broke down and picked it up. I’ll be on tonight. Prob between 8 and 9.


I am! Meep30 on PSN if anyone wants to squad up


Yup. Lol.

I will be on early it looks like. wife is dropping kids with sister and wont be back until later tonight.

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I am going to fix some dinner then jump into Blackout.

Picked it up for Xbox. See everyone just after 9.

Feel free to add me if you haven’t yet - ZANESinsane.