GRG Guild Wars 2 Discussion Thread

I figured we’d need an info thread since a few of us are getting back into GW2. Currently the Expansion is on sale for $25. I’m not sure how super serious our return will be. I’d like to see if we can get a night to goof around in WvW or some nonsense.

Right now we’re split on different servers. I’m currently on Fort Aspenwood. I know a few others are on Jade Quarry. We can’t transfer there as it’s 100% full 24/7. Also, I don’t ever plan on returning there myself. The other T1 servers (Blackgate and Tarnished Coast) are also Full. The only decent options are to go to Fort Aspenwood or Dragonbrand. Keep in mind, servers only matter for World vs World. You won’t need to transfer if you are just PvEing.

We have a guild set up in GRG. Shoot me a message and I’ll get you in. My GW2 account name is Lala Calamari.6170 .

We also have a GW2 Voice Chat room on Discord. Come on in, don’t let the heavy breathing scare you!

Site to use if you’re looking for a build

Just switched everything to FA…boosting a toon FTW WvW.

We also have a GW2 Voice Chat room on Discord. Come on in, don’t let the heavy breathing scare you!

Unless a server is definitively decided on I will stick in Jade Quarry for now. Happy to switch though for wvw.

I have no allegiance to JQ so I will switch to FA when I can.

Serious question. I tried ESO and barely made it past the tutorial before uninstalling. Is it even worth it for me to download and try GW2? The only MMO I’ve ever made any progress in was The Secret World and my total playtime is still less than 10 hours.

Sounds like you may not like MMOs. Not sure this will change your mind.

My completely biased opinion is this is a great MMO. The game offers so much to do and it only costs the purchase price.

But if you’re not into MMOs, I really don’t think you’ll dig this.

I believe there is a free to play part. Why not download it and give it a shot. Make sure to check our Discord Chat /Voip server and join in if you see us online.

One thing that you may like GW2 over other MMO is there is no fetch and deliver quest. All quest are streamlined. Go into a area and everything you need to do pops up on your screen. You also get tons of things that help level your toons at a extremely fast pace.

The free to play route will allow you to make 2 characters…keep in mind F2P does have limitations, but I think it will also be enough to let you know whether or not you will like it.

@Lala_Calamari Its true Im not big on MMOs. I thinks the biggest turn off for me is that almost all the big ones are based on medieval fantasy. The Secret World was the first one that caught my eye as it was set in a modern setting, and it still didnt manage to pull me in. I may give the free version a go.

@D1G1TALC1PHERS The lack of grind is a plus.

@EnyoBellona I may give it a go. To be honest I probably only need one slot I have one character in Destiny, and one in the Division. I tend to build one character and get attached.

If you do create a toon, set Fort Aspenwood as your server / world.

Will do.

Transferred to Fort Aspenwood.

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@Syrch let us know when you do create a toon…even with the limited acct, i believe you can party and interact with friends…

Everyone else transferred out our FA now.

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I’m on JQ as I type this.

Fuck Jade Quarry.

I bought a new fancy glider. I had some leftover Gems to blow.

New zone so far is ok. Plays more like the living stories vs a wide open zone. With gliding the map is now way more vertical. It’s tough and confusing finding you way around. You really need to play the area to unlock your new Masteries which a lot of the meta builds use.

Funny thing I learned since I was mainly a PvP character, PvE dumps gold on you. WvW never paid squat.

If you want to get in on server nonsense, then join this site

If you want cancer then visit this site is literally cancer, worst forums ever. And that’s saying something coming from GRG.