GRG Halo Infinite Customs Night


Join GRG as we run a night of Halo Infinite Custom games. We will be playing all sorts of games ranging from serious to completely silly.

Halo Infinite MP is free. Come out and join the fun and make some new friends.

Sign up on our Discord Event!

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Bumping to remind everyone that we’ll be doing Halo Customs this Wednesday. I’ve checked out the custom games section and it’s pretty wild. Much better than before. I found a few cool maps as well as some game modes.

Even found a Fall Guys Game mode. Don’t miss out!


Bumping to remind everyone @HaloPlayers . Also to remind everyone that Halo Infinite MP is Free. Download and join in the fun.

Also, we will be using Discord Voice chat to accommodate our PC friends. @PCGamers

Linking your XBox with Discord is very easy so I’ll assume it will be a massive challenge for GRG Members.

Great turnout!