GRG LFG Thread 2/4 - Apex Legends Edition

Let’s get grouped up tonight. What’s everyone playing? Post up and let’s form some fireteams.

The new Titanfall Battle Royale game called Apex Legends is out now. Completely free to play on PC, PS4 and XB1.

It’s also Balls Out Blackout Monday if you want to run that.

Or hit us up if you’re playing another game. I’m sure we’ll have some Destiny and some BF5 guys running rooms.

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I’ll probably be in Apex Legends on XB1 provided the game servers are working. Otherwise, I’ll slum it in Blackout.

Either blackout or bfv if noone is on then dragons dogma. Got it on sale sunday

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Might try out this Apex Legends thingy if there’s anyone around.

Kicking off the download shortly.

Im down for some Blackout or maybe Apex Legends… ill look for you guys @unobtainaballs @TwistedGunsmith

Been outta town for a few days so im ready to shoot something!

Hell yeah hope ya had fun @SoInZane and i dont have apex installed ill start it after dinner @DarkNiteRaven finally got blackops 4 downloaded so id be up for some squads


Im hoping to be on tonight for Black Ops 4.
But with sick kiddos and a sick polar bear…
No telling what my night will be like.

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Had a callout at 9 that i barely got done with if anyone still wanted to game or squad up…

tried it. didn’t care for it. I think I’m too old for the battle royale thing anyway. Spend all that time picking up stuff then a 12 year old snipes you from across the map, game over.

The solution is simple. Snipe them first!