GRG LFG Thread - 23 August

Who is going to be online tonight and playing something?

We have a Fortnite Battle Royale night on PS4, for all you @PS4Players.

I expect the @ESOPlayers and @destinyplayers will be continuing their grinds, alongside probably @codplayers and @PUBGPlayers?

Let us know if you’ll be playing any of these, or something else entirely.
Let’s get groups and parties going - so no-one has to game alone.

(unless they want to)

@destinyplayers i know 5 of us have the spire checkpoint and were thinking of running that at 9ish…will need to push to 10ish…I have call i will need to be on (9-10)…I may be able to run around and shoot but without fire-team comms, I will be useless…but maybe no worse than normal

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I’ll join in on some Fortnite… been awhile since I’ve played. I’ll be on ESO through out the night as well and might stick to the PS4 tonight.

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Unlike last night I’m hoping that my child won’t keep me from getting online. I will be on tonight and hope to join you all if you have a slot.

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I’m down!! Also check this out:

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I will be on ESO continuing my grind to reach 500k, but will group up with whoever and destroy any evil being that brings havoc to Tamriel.


I’ll be grinding out the rest of my stuff for the armor

Mostly just want to get the nightfall done and the missions as well. Though if anyone wants to carry me through 5 pvp wins…

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So you gonna but D2 on PC now? Pc glitches are super cool…but I’m staying in platform…might go the ps some day but not pc

Im gonna hit up eso but…yeah. anyone willing to squad up?

I can see @SoInZane is in ESO right now on PS4. I’ll keep an eye out.
There were a few others who mentioned it, I’ll go back and check who they were.

EDIT: I was thinking of @Mcriddle93 and @GreyJedi as new members who play ESO on PS4

I will be playing PS4 tonight

I’ll take “Destiny 2” for 500 Alex.

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