GRG LFG Thread for 11/2 Whatcha Playing?

OK GRG, let’s form up some squads and get some games going. What are you all running tonight? Who’s looking to squad up? Don’t game alone!

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I’ll be running some CoD Blackout tonight. @codplayers

I’m basically all done grinding in D2 this week (My Huntard dinged 600) so I’m looking for a change of pace. I’ll get an open party going around 8-9ish Embiid Standard Time.

I’ll be playing CoD on Xbox tonight. HMU

I’m still a destiny whore and have achievements to grind…4 more masks to get in the haunted forest

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I won’t be on until later tonight, perhaps some D2 to push milestones since I’ve only played Fallout 76 BETA so far this week.

Im down to 2 missions on RDR2 so ill probably finish that up and then head over to D2

Ill be raiding and we still need 2 more guardians to sign the hell up!

I might jump on SCUM and look at the new update. If not probably Blops 4

I will more than likely be on Black Ops 4 tonight on PC

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BLOPS4 PC I’m thinking. @w1ck3d3nd are we friend up on PC? I’ll be available around 7:30 EAST COAST time.

@SplendidKaos I’ve had an urge to go back into the world of SCUM. Maybe this weekend.

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At some point I will be on COD tonight

I lied. Forgot I was starting my 24 hour Extra Life stream at 1am. So I will be resting setting stuff up until then

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@CaptainPeeJ sent you a fr on battlenet, getting settled in at the pc and what not for a few and possible getting the stream ready, not 100 if I’m running it tonight or not.