GRG March Madness Tourrnament Challenge

It’s that time of year again. Sign up for GRG’s tournament challenge.

password is GRG2017

1 bracket per user. For bragging rights only.

Go Tarheels!

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I’m down. Don’t really follow college ball much anymore…but yeah…go Heels! (f**k Dook)


I’m gonna win it all like I do every year! Go Duke!!!

Remind that bastard @Claude505. He’ll probably play this sooner than he does his XBox.

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I’m in. Go Blue Devils!!

I’ll join I just need to do some research first, I only follow my Badgers

You sir are dead to me. :grinning:

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I’m Down.


Grayson Allen Nut Kick is in…

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got mine in

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Got in as well

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I know close to nothing about college basketball but I’ll play for shit and giggles. Go team!

Brackets are set so time to bump.

picks are done. kinda lame since the Orange did not make the cut this year.




Done…Terdheel Nation bracket complete!


Totally should have named my team “Lavar Ball Says So…”