GRG member YouTube Channels

I know a number of us here have YouTube channels but after searching I couldn’t find a thread listing them all so I will start this one and if the original is found feel free to erase this one.
Anyways if you have a YT channel you want to post and/or want to watch other GRG channels look no further. Also make sure you are following the GRG main YT channel:

Here is mine:

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yeah. I try to sub to all of the members I come across on the GRG channel but probably have missed some.

Here’s mine:

mine is
and i’ll keep a watch on this thread for any other members I don’t have subs for i’ll keep watching @anon42851937 as long as he keeps blowing himself up. great vid JH

Here is mine that i strated posting video…guess ii shoul start loading more

I just put mostly clips on it but use to do more. Subscribed to everybody that listed theirs.

Here is mine

GRG subbed to all of you guys. you are all now blacklisted on the interwebs for being associated with GRG.

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