GRG Plans and Goals for the Summer

It’s the summer time and as usual things slow down. Older nerds go outside and play under the bright object in the sky. Gaming takes a back seat to other activities. Right now GRG is planning to coast through the rest of the summer. We’ll run our standard events as usual (game nights, reapercast, etc) but there are no real plans for any new tournaments or anything too involved.

We’re also taking a break from recruiting. Right now we’d rather focus on the current membership we have. That will change in the fall when the new releases come out. We’ll focus on recruiting for games like Battlefield 1, CoD, and even Destiny.

We are also looking for someone (or some people) to assist us with running some PS4 events. Just help us organize that side of our community. It’s a simple job really, just need someone that others can join in on and game with. Let us know if you’re interested in helping GRG out.

I’ll be holding a GRG Staff meeting sometime towards the end of August. I’m kicking around the idea of holding a GRG townhall style meeting after that. We really welcome suggestions and ideas from everyone. We’re all in this together and there’s always better ideas out there. The townhall would most likely take place on our Discord chat server (voice chat).

So enjoy the rest of your summer. Sit back and relax and pop open a nice cold wine cooler (Zima for the hardcore) and hop in some games.

Lala Calamari - AKA Jack

Feel free to comment here or PM any staff member with thoughts or ideas.


Having some help on the PS4 side would be great! If you want to plan events, let an admin know and we’ll help you.

Hobo fights! That is all.

Well, we do have GTA nights.

No one has any serious responses or comments? We’re trying to reach out to see what the community wants, please speak up.

Town Hall is good idea. Summer is slow, need a better community night game than Overwatch, discuss that. GTA sounds like best bet until BF1, but BF1 not really a great community game or is it?

Overwatch is a great community night game, we ran customs last night. BF1 might be if we can rent some servers but usually people want to rank up shit. Last week we had about 10 play BF4, I’ll take a night like that any time.

If BF1 has a similar lobby system to Battlefront, I think it may be better for community night as well. Wonder if they’re leading up to private rooms for BF1 as well?

I think town hall would be a good idea, but we need participation. It’s hard to drive the community in a good direction if the community doesn’t relay what they’re looking for.

I think I’m fairly happy with how things are at the moment, hence no suggestions.

Townhall seems like a decent idea, maybe run it as a trial at first (I’m sure you plan to) and see what participation is like.

I do want to thank you guys - admin, team leaders, staff, et al. - for all the work you guys put in.
It is greatly appreciated and if there’s anything we can do that makes your lives easier then just let us know (speaking of behalf of us common lot).


Summer schedules are always tough. With the current line up out there, I think the events for games like BF4 and Red Dead will be fun. It may be a bit random without any serious releases for a bit but I would probably expect that.

The town hall is a good idea. We will see what participation is like, but its a good idea. I will be there.
I have a couple topics I would throw out in that forum but I will PM some of the leads to get an opinion first.