GRG Poker Night Is Back (Texas Hold Em)

Prominence Poker is free on Xbox One. We can have 6 players per table. So who is up for a poker night?

I am thinking Saturday or Sunday nights. Sound off and let me know if you are interested and what night suits you better.

Once I see how many we have I will set the date for the first night.

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I have it and I was going to try and have an event too.

I’m all in.

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Poker sounds fun.

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Put me down as a maybe. Haven’t played to much poker irl. Last time I played Texas Hold 'em was in Red Dead Redemption and I was only decent becuase I had the suit that let you cheat at poker haha. I’ll have to try it out first. I’ll probably be down though. :slight_smile:

Either night works for me. Maybe we can get forum flair for winning? Just a thought.

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Sunday for me, I will be out the next two though.

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Yea I am sure he would play. We had discussed the game before.

Yes! Poker!

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I’ll get this setup soon.


Just started the download, depending on the evening, I’d be up for it.

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You guys want to try for this Saturday or next?

I’ll be away this Saturday

Ok we will aim for the 24th then.

If we have fun I will be up for it on a weekly or by weekly basis until new games come out.

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I’ll be in the Middle East… But I’ll be down for when I get back, will be 2 weeks this Sunday.

Bring me back some sand.

How about jihadi finger?

Looks like we missed this. If you showed up I am sorry. I crashed before it even started. Maybe we can pull in some of the new people this time.

If you are still interested let me know.

I missed it because I didn’t know the 24th was definite. I know you said let’s aim for the 24th, but I didn’t know it was the date for sure.

I completely forgot about it. Still very interested in it as it would break up the Destiny grind