GRG Pool of Stool is back for 2018. It's March Madness baby!

It’s that time of year again. Time to show you know nothing about sports because you are a fucking nerd and only play video games and watch super hero movies. Let’s try and make sure @grex doesn’t win this year.

@Claude505 @CaptainPeeJ @Shadowboxer @anon3687162 @PumpkinRubber @TheBodyFarmer @shortbus @TEXENT @deSoldier2001 @Gunny @anon36214017

Sorry if I left anyone out.

Password: GRG2018

I will do my best to remind everyone closer to time to fill out your brackets. This is all for fun. So all you new guys join up. You don’t have to know anything about college basketball. If you win you get to rub it into the noses of some that do. :rofl:

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My favorite time of year. I will be there for sure!! Go Blue Devils!!

Just give up now folks. I know nothing about sports. I won’t even watch any of the games. I have no desire to win. Which means I have already won. It’s turtles all the way down!


Im down for this! Go TarHeels!

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Go Heels!

@Claude505 is also a Tarheel fan.

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Hey…don’t forget me @D1G1TALC1PHERS, I’m a heel fan as well.


I did not know that but I should have considering we like most of the same teams.

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I didn’t know that residents of Nebraska were allowed to like College teams from outside the state. Of course, in basketball, if you’re not a Bluejay, you don’t have much of a choice.

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Hell, there are more that like out of state teams than like Nebraska. And I’ll never like Creighton. That’s a grudge held over from my disdain for Creighton Prep back in high school.

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In like Flynn.

i would say Go Orange. but who knows

What’s this college thing?!? I’m in. Almost won last year, damn @Grex


I’m in but don’t know shit about college ball. Or pro ball. Or baseball or football or volleyball or testicles

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I am in.

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Another contender for the winner!

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Brackets are open!

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Dook for the win!!

Dook sucks. And anyone that picks them to win sucks.

Shit, the only chance the Heels have of making it past UVA is if someone else does it first.


I went the lazy route. I was going to research the mascots and determine which one would win in a fight if they were real. Worked for me twice when they had each player pay 5 bucks to play. They paid 1st, 2nd, and 3rd a respectable sum. They also paid 5 bucks to last place as a consolation prize. I won my 5 bucks back two years in a row. However, like I said, I went the lazy route this time. I hit the autofill button.

I doubt it. Their mascot is Will D Cat. Any mascot with a rifle could take out a cat.