GRG Raid sign up (all welcome) 7/6-7/7

Holiday week, time to cool down indoors with your beverage of choice and kill aliens @destinyplayers
Friday or Saturday night 9 show up we will start filling slots at 9:30p

We are good at Argos and will run it if there is interest…
We have a few that want to go back to Leviathan and help those (me included) get it done for the 1st time… Leviathan Lessons?
We have a little experience on Spire…(an option but maybe lets see where we end up with the 2 choices above)… so not this week please

Let us know your interest here (signed up gets preference over show up)
Why LGF when you can GRG?


Im in for tonight for levi or argos

I’m in for either on Saturday.

I’m in tonight, and Saturday…however i’ll Probably be about an hour or so late. So if there’s room at that time I can fill in. No worries if it’s full.

Count me in!! I still haven’t finished either the first Leviathan Raid. I’ve gotten all the way to the last boss, but never finished it.

Let’s get this shit over with and run it 3 times!! Hahaha


I’m down. I have beat leviathan but it’s been a long while. I used to sherpa that raid lol. I’ll be on at 9 for anything. I just don’t know 2nd purr 3rd raid

In today’s Destiny 2: Forsaken feature, we take a look at the Exotic Auto Rifle Cerberus +1, which harnesses the power of Contra’s Spread Gun (and four separate barrels) to deliver devastating damage in seconds.

Otherwise known as, an Origin Story with a second barrel underneath the main one, then two Khvostov barrels tied to those barrels, an extended magazine section to somehow explain a small auto rifle mag being enough to fuel four barrels, and a bunch of crappy scrap metal bolted to it for that extra bit of… exotic. Not the most original thing in the world, but as Titan’s should always say, if one bullet is good, four must be better.

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I’m in for both nights if possible, and if there’s room.

I will definitely be on tonight willing to do any of them!

2 teams running last night the calus/Levi got to calus but not finished and by the looks of it the second group got to Argos and spanked him. Gg grg.

I will be on tonight and will run what you might like but I will be late…family…fireworks…again…meh

I have a gauntlet CP on Calus I’m looking to finish it up sometime this weekend!!

I will run the earlier stuff if you have room