GRG Steam Group

I thought we already had this listed but I couldn’t find it with search. I noticed we have a few new guys that also play PC games. Warning. It is not very active. Just more a way to get everyone together and on each others Friends List.

Feel free to ask for an invite if you would like in.

Invite plz


I haven’t been on in a while but would join.


invite please

Enyo Bellona

add me, cridkid

invite please. pretty much just playing FM at the moment but have some other titles.


I’d like to join, please.


Bumping this up since we have had a decent number of PC gamers join recently.

Joined the other day, noticed a lot are playing Conan. Does anyone play Orcs Must Die 2 or Age of Empires II HD?

Steam Name update; GhstWlkrs

Bumping this up for our growing @PCGamers