GRG, the PS4 Community and the recent Drama

Over the past few days a lot has happed within our community. We’ve had all our PS4 Team Leaders either step down or removed from staff. We feel the main issue was how the PS4 community was not being run to GRG standards (yes, we actually do have some standards). GRG prides itself with being an open community that accepts any type of gamer. We can not allow exclusive groups to form within GRG. GRG Staff members are tasked with building a friendly community, not forming private cliques.

Some PS4 members and former staff have left to form their own clan as they did not agree with how we wanted to run this community. That’s fine as GRG isn’t for everyone. If people aren’t happy here, it’s best they move on to an environment that better suits them. No reason to stay if you’re not happy.

So where does that leave GRG and it’s PS4 Community? I do want to make it clear that we are not shutting down our PS4 side and we will not be removing any PS4 members nor have any plans to do so. That said, we currently have no PS4 staff members. We are currently deciding how to best move forward before we start making any decisions regarding staff. We would like to see the PS4 group grow and thrive within GRG and that will require our current PS4 members to help us out. We’d like to have some people step up and help run some PS4 activities. First and foremost this is a community. It only succeds what the community puts back into it. If interested, please PM a GRG Admin and we’ll help you get that event going.

I can not express how upset we are over this whole issue. We wanted nothing more than to have an active PS4 community. I know some think they are “2nd class citizens” but I assure you that was never the case. It’s a shame that an “Adult Gaming Community” can cause so much drama. GRG is really only about gamers connecting with like minded people to shoot the shit and play some games. Hopefully we can one day achieve something so simple.

If anyone has any questions or concerns, please feel free to PM myself or any other GRG admin.


A community is a product of the people involved, we form the community! A community does not exist on its own and it is not self made. That being said Grim Reaper Gamers as a whole is a community, the Xbox side of GRG has some members that have been together a long time and have done pretty well at establishing a community base on that side and are looking for others to help expand and maintain it. The challenge we face on the PS4 side is to do the same; establish a community base on this side, you don’t need staff to make events, anyone can make them. Send out invites and crash parties, but above all drink, be merry, and shoot shit. Keep in mind that this is about the games and that we are all here so we don’t have to deal with “Timmy” and “Timmy’s shit”. We are here to band together as a group of “Mature” gamers and shit on “timmy” and his friends and have fun doing it. tries to catch breath
So in closing let’s move forward from here and get our collective heads out of our asses and show everyone that there can also be a PS4 community in GRG