GRG Valheim Server info

OK everyone I’ve got a 1 month Valheim server going, its 10 slots (game limit) for anyone that wants to join can.

Server: GRG Valheim Server
Password: Ask Grimm or Grex for password

Ill test it asap but it will be up so if you get in before me let me know if there are issues.
Pending interest i will gladly keep the Server up as long as the interest is there so have fun fuckers


I can’t seem to find the server after I create my character. Should I filter “GRG” within the “Community” group? Or do I need to have the server owner in my friends list?

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yes filter in community and make sure to refresh

It is apparently a common enough problem that the game creators have a post about it:

Nonetheless, even if community server is selected on world creation, it might still not show up to other players. If that is the case, other players should first try to restart the game, and search for the server again.

This is to refresh the game, and possibly delete any previous cache that was gathered. Also, make sure that the creator of the server is online and, in the world, or server. Use the search field to find the server easily.

If you still can find the server, then have the creator of it restart the game and server. These are the only two options available to fix if servers are not showing up in Valheim.

Interesting, were you able to connect finally?

Also if you need anything ping me on discord, I’ll get the notice right away. I gave you member permissions there as well if you haven’t seen it yet @Mindfury

I have tried everything, and cannot find the server.

Always ping @PCGamers . 83 people on that list. Might be a few others playing.

Updated the OP with the IP so you can add it directly into Steam.

Good idea thanks

Still can see the server in the game list. Do you have it unlisted or something?

I have no idea why it doesn’t show in the games server list, as far as I know it should be visible

When I get home I’ll get you the server log in info so you can check and see if anything looks off to you

Just checking to see if this works. I’m hella addicted to Valheim :slight_smile:

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@SoulessGrimm think maybe it doesn’t show up because if you look at the server details it does not show the game. Its blank in that section.

That might be possible. I wonder is it’s something I can fix or if it’s a bug

For everyone who plays the password will be changed by tonight and given out upon request (for grg members/known and trusted friends of grg). Unfortunately items have been stolen and its possible a non grg member found the forums and loaded into the server and took them. By tonight with the new password we may also rollback the server to an estimated time before the items were taken but thats not definite yet.

damn that sux

Ya pretty much but we have accepted it and will move on