GRG's Game Giveaway

Attention GrimReaper Gamers

We in GRG are constantly trying to improve and show our dedication to the community that we are all a part of as well as push the community to be active and have a good time in every area that we interact; be it the forums, discord or in game.
To that end, Staff have decided to do a game giveaway to one lucky winner with a contest.

:trophy: What Do I Win? :trophy:

The reward itself will be any standard copy of a game of your choosing, on any platform, up to a value of $60 plus taxes and all that fun stuff.

:exclamation: Giveaway Rules :exclamation:

  • Must be an active member of GRG
  • Not part of GRG staff

:grey_question: How to Enter :grey_question:

We have decided to do a photo/video contest. The rules are simple:

  • Post your entries below of a video or photo of something funny, amazing or a down right fail that you believe has a chance of winning
  • Limit of best (1) post per person (so don’t spam entries, we may just delete them) You are allowed to delete an old entry for a better one within the time of the contest
  • GRG Staff will take a vote on which one we believe to be the best.
  • We will hold the entry window open for one month(
    (Oct. 28th is the last day), which is long enough to get something to enter with since almost everyone has a job, family and other things in life that don’t allow them to game 24/7.
  • We will give bonus points to those who have GRG members included in the photo or video as well.
  • Obviously some games allow for pretty big groups to get together so bonus points only count for up to 4 GRG members (you plus three others) but please don’t let this discourage you from trying to enter with even more. No matter if it’s funny, if it’s a fail, if it’s a major comeback to win it all, don’t hesitate to submit.

Any questions or concerns should be addressed to @SoulessGrimm in the forums with a private message to be resolved.

UPDATE: We have decided to extend the contest to OCT 31st. Get the those submissions in.


Good luck!!!

I guess no one wants to win a free game.

Not a winner but still worth a post



+1 for posting a @Lala_Calamari fail.


Right now @AsnPersuasion27 is the defacto winner. Get those submissions in people.

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Triple Axe in sticks and stones. Not great but couldnt let @AsnPersuasion27 run away with it uncontested lol



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Just 2 weeks remaing and the competition is fierce…




Lets go people. Time is running out.


I obviously pass the potato gene in my seed to my offspring - daughter has learned to play 7 instruments across high school and college bands, but can’t play a bloody kazoo.

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Wrong thread…

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Last day folks.

Go through your game DVR clips and screenshots and lets see what you got.

Everything’s fine… :joy:

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