Grim Reaper Gamers Official Clan Night

Is your favorite time of week. CLAN NIGHT! So power up that console, grab a drink and join in on the shenanigans. Make sure to RSVP so people will know that you are going to be online and lets shoot some noobs in the face!

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It’s Clan Night Bitches!

I’m in…hopefully the servers are still working.

Could also be up for one platform and not I the other.

Lastnight I think it was lance, one kid on 360 not working, , one on xbone working fine, and himself not able to get on ps4.

Assuming servers are remotely stable, I should be on GTAO running heists and challenges. Feel free to send me pm me for an invite

Rough night in GTA. Saw @EvolveYourself’s Tranny half naked and ran mega late trying to wrap up the heist. I think we finally gave up at 1 am. Hope to finish it out soon.

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Just tell me when @LalaCalamari @D1G1TALC1PHERS and @EvolveYourself and I’m there to give you guys your 20%. the family is leaving for Florida tomorrow morning for 10 days…lots of free time.

P.S. I’ll check the Twitch feed and see if there’s a good shot of the Tranny beast.

I’ll be on tonight. I think we can swap people out if need be.

Tonight might be the only night I have trouble. I have to help them pack the car up and shot to Grandma’s house. If I’m going to be home by 9 I’ll message you.

I’m up for some game time, but I’ll be drunk.

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@LalaCalamari @EvolveYourself @D1G1TALC1PHERS I’ll be on tonight before 9 if you guys want to finish it. I may be on COD, but I’ll jump over.

I’ll be on in a little bit.