Grounded celebrates 5 million player milestone with new update

developer Obsidian Entertainment took to the Xbox Wire blog to announce a new milestone for the game: over 5 million players have now enjoyed this backyard exploration quest.

In celebration of this new achievement, Obsidian has debuted the biggest update for Grounded just yet, with the addition of a brand new biome to explore. Welcome to the Koi Pond.

The Koi Pond lets players jump into a pool found in the backyard, where Grounded takes place (keep in mind you’ve been shrunken down to the size of an ant). You’ll meet up with Diving Bell Spiders that can wade through the water and are summarily terrifying.

But that’s not all. You’ll also check out Koi Fish up close and personal, and craft new items to ensure your continued survival in the pond. These include the Gill Tube Rebreather, Bone Trident, and Slime Lantern as well as a variety of additional items.

Now’s a great time to jump back into Grounded if you haven’t for a while, or try it for the first time. Grounded has been optimized for Xbox Series X and Series X. It’s also free via Xbox Game Pass, so it’s available for subscribers to download at their leisure. With the Xbox Series X out in the wild right now, this is one great title to revisit now that we’ve entered the age of next-gen.