Grounded devs say future updates will add flying insects & "things to do in the water"

The Grounded developers have a lot of plans for the game’s future content, including flying insects such as bees, an expanded yard and more systems with “more things to do in the water”.

In a recent interview with Gamepur (thanks, Rock Paper Shotgun) game director Adam Brennecke discussed plans for future content. The devs have already announced their goal to introduce new content to the game every month — the first update is planned for August 27th — and Brennecke says these monthly updates will include “new environments to explore, creatures to conquer, options for base building, materials to craft,” and more. On top of this, Obsidian plans to “continue the storyline and add more to the mystery… throughout early access/Game Preview.”

Brennecke also confirmed that bees, mosquitoes and other flying insects are on the way in a later update, “to add variety for combat and defence” and to make sure that “most bases, no matter where they are built, can be attacked by something.” Some areas of the backyard in Grounded are “under construction”, and Brennecke says Obsidian aim to “fill out the entire yard with content and cool areas to explore,” as well as to “add more systems in the game, which means more things to do in the water and elsewhere.”

Overall, Obsidian has a lot planned for Grounded. The devs are paying close attention to feedback during the game’s time in Game Preview, and have already promised to add content “based on feedback” — including “everything from single-player story to new bugs and features,” so players can help to shape the course of the game. The first update arrives on August 27th, and in the meantime, Obsidian will be releasing Patch 0.1.2 with some bug fixes and game changes.