Hey fuckers the obsidian game Grounded comes out today (july 28th 2020) and is on game pass so if any wants to join me when I hop on during regular hours (its 1 am now) I’ll be trying it out after I take care of some things in the morning and should be home around noon central time. Hit me up here or discord but I might miss it there if you’re in.

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It was fun playing with you @SoulessGrimm and @EnyoBellona .

I am in the process of moving my home base to the oak tree. There is a tall root next to a solar charged light that comes on at night. The insects can’t reach me up there and I have ample room to expand. I have marked out some more liquid sources and have built two mushroom gardens. I am keeping the old hut for a safe place to shelter out in the wild.
I have ant armor and the larva blade. Still need to hunt a ladybug. Haven’t seen any for a few hours now. Found where the stinkbugs live. Yet another tough insect to take down.


@SoulessGrimm @EnyoBellona So I did a thing…


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Nice thats pretty awesome