GTA Crew Night

Let’s pick a night and fuck around with this. When do you guys want to play?

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Any night is cool with me.

I’d be up for some Sunday Night Shenanigans.

Forgot about The Walking Dead. Yeah, Sunday sucks for me as well. Try again.


How about Monday night then?

If the wifey is working I’ll play Monday night. I’ll let you know.

I’ll jump in after Bowling on Monday to see if you all are still on. Probably 9:30 or 10 CST.

Would love to if I can get my freaking GTA to work.

I’ll be on Monday. I was messing around with GTA online Sunday. I got to level 9. GRG fuck around night should be a lot of fun.

What is the issue?

I tried to join you last night @LalaCalamari, but it wouldn’t let me in your game.

When did you do that @JohnnyHustler ? Next time shoot me a message (XBL, text or best of all, Sext). I played for a few hours then bailed to watch TWD.

It was after TWD. It kept telling me the game session wasn’t available. I was going to message, but I started wearing down fast shortly after, so I figured I’d wait until tonight after I get home from bowling. I also left so I could get on the Social Club and switch my primary tag to GRPG instead of the old 2O2S tag.

Ok, I was in and out of missions. I’m not sure if you can join during a mission or not. Or if that’s a setting I need to enable. I was only on for about half an hour after TWD anyway.

It was probably about the time you were wrapping up playing that I tried to jump in then.

Keeps crashing on me. I moved all of the files to the internal drive. If that doesn’t work then I will uninstall and reinstall.

I can probably play tonight. Look for me anywhere between 8-10 EST. I should be around tomorrow too. It would be great if we could get a closed crew session going and we can just mess around.

That was gonna be my suggestion. (uninstall/reinstall)

So far so good after moving it all to internal drive.