GTA Heists


Join GRG for some GTA style shenanigans as we get rich ripping off banks or die trying (is Team killing on???)

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Ready to kick some ass in GTA Heists. Please fix lobbies, Rockstar!

I can’t wait…this shit better be good!

IGN did a review and said that the one heist they got to do took about 3 hours to complete so it sounds good

Which means it will take GRG 2 weeks to complete one. Fuck, I’m not sponsoring a heist. I want to get paid!

If you are the leader of the heist I am not playing. You will keep all the money and give us scraps.

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Damn… You’re on to me.

@D1G1TALC1PHERS is the first Team Kill / assassination.

So, what’s the plan? Will we just get on and get with whoever is on. Or, should we set up crews now?

Or maybe we could see what level everyone is and split up that way, kinda spread the wealth around.

Since we probably won’t have multiples of 4 it may be better to meet up and go from there. Time zones should also be taken into effect. If we have 4 east coasters and 4 non east coaster it makes it pretty simple. Let’s just hope everything goes smoothly on R* part.

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Three hours to finish one? That’s a lot of drinking time. I can envision my head hitting the floor by the end…


Popped the game in about 10 minutes ago and poof! Updating.

3 hours? That seems a bit much. I guess we will find out. I’ll be online shortly.

Servers unavailable. That’s all I got. Tried multiple times with no luck. I think it’s going to be a battle all night.

I highly doubt they’ll be up. At least I got my Smite Alpha Code!

Of course this is going so well

Such bullshit that server issues have become the norm in gaming.

I agree. Buggy games, shitty servers. It really seems to have got worse. It’s a shame.