GTA Import / Export Special Vehicle Mission: Ramp Buggy

Ok, this looks like fun. When’s the next GTA Online night?

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The update also includes the Knight Rider car. It comes equipped with boost jump, parachute, machine guns and rockets.

This is not a mod. It’s one of the new, exotic vee-hickles offered with the Import/Export update that launched with Grand Theft Auto Online’s Import/Export update yesterday.

It’s KITT! Well, it’s the “Imponte Ruiner 2000,” and it doesn’t talk to you in the voice of that guy from St. Elsewhere. The IR 2000 packs the firepower of a Buzzard copter, meaning it has machine guns, missiles and homing missiles, plus a turbo boost.

Plainly, the people at Rockstar want their gamers to recreate this in GTA Online.

The car isn’t cheap, though; it’ll set you back $5,745,600; $4,320,000 if you have the preferred SecuroServ status within the mode. That makes it the most expensive land vehicle within Grand Theft Auto Online. See more about it at the GTA Wiki.

I’ll never have 5.7 million for that car.

I enjoyed David Hasslehoff in Knight Rider and Baywatch.

I don’t know when I stopped liking him.
It might have started with his song.
That was deplorable shit.

How the hell can you hate this???

Two words for you: SHARK CARDS

Yup…they’re really trying to hit the gamers up to buy shark cards with this one. Sucks that it would take more than the 50 dollar card.

I’d like to do a GTA night either Saturday or Sunday @GTAPlayers. Anyone plan to be on either of those nights?

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I’ll probably be on but can’t commit. In a weird gaming funk. Jumping from game to game about every hour.

KITT is in this video.

What’s the last car with the rocket?

It looks like a Voltic Coil… but with a fuckin rocket strapped to the back. looks like it would be fun!