GTA MC Night - Tuesday 11/15

Ok @GTAPlayers , it’s time to get on your hog and raise hell in Los Santos. We had so much fun with the MC jobs that we’re doing it again on Tuesday. Join JohnnyHusler and the rest of the Sons of Assholery as they screw up enough jobs to make Jax and Clay look like they knew what they were doing!

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I’ll be on for this. Got my bike and guy all ready for some Motorcycle mayhem and GRG asshatery.

Provided that @TexasReaperCrew doesn’t drag me into a Destiny raid.


@TexasReaperCrew needs to buy this game already. He is missing out.

So does @koldfront_kraig. He keeps talking about it.

Isn’t it on sale for $30?

it’s been on and off sale for a while. I know it’s going to be on Black Friday as well.

I’ll be there for sure. Potato MC!!!

I might make an appearance. Need to figure out how to leave my old crew

If I can pull myself away from BF1 I’ll join in. So basically saying I probably won’t see you guys tonight. lol