GTA Onine - Fixin' Broke

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For those interested in making money in GTA Online:

Tip #1 - Create a Public Private Lobby to avoid griefing Methods vary between platform - on Xbox just join a public lobby, go to the Xbox settings, Network Settings, Test Nat, go back to game (do not join or change sessions). You should see all the people in the lobby drop out, and the lobby is all yours.

I’ve used this basic method to make my last few million dollars. All Credit to Gamesauce, I took my basic method from his video.

Phase I:
1st Major Goal - Become a CEO to open up 24/7 VIP work
Method from Broke - if you are good at Racing, then competitive racing is an excellent way to make fast cash. You can also solo some specific Contact Missions. There are a few that I used to do all the time solo to make a decent profit for very little trouble. (I suggest Trash Talk and Rooftop Rumble)… love me some rooftop rumble.

these contact missions are still low paying, but they will help get you where you need to be

Also, go to the Flight School (LSIA) and run their challenges for some spare cash to break up the monotony.

Once you hit $50,000 in the bank, you are ready to become a VIP and do VIP work.
2 main grind missions for VIP work (for me) are Headhuner and Sightseer.
Both of these missions are easy, fast, and pay out around 25K a pop.
VIP/CEO work has a 5 minute cool down, so find other work while you wait on a new VIP mission.

You can be a VIP for 4 hours, and then there is a 12 hour cool down. Once you buy your office and become a CEO this limitation will go bye bye.

VIP Work will be your #1 money maker until you buy your lockup as an MC President.

purely optional things you might want to consider buying before becoming a CEO
-Armored Kuruma (700K) or Duke o’ Death (free to returning players) (with armor upgrades either of these makes missions so much more fun… sometimes you don’t even have to leave the car)
-Buzzard Attack Chopper (1.75 Million) (this dude will make you so much money and save you so much time)
-Cargobob (1.79 Million) - really changes the game for car import/exports but not required.

Become CEO - Maze Bank West is a great location and only costs 1 million.
keep grinding using method above even after becoming CEO

Phase II - The Vehicle Warehouse - La Mesa 1.5 Million (cheapest and best)
So this is a gut punch I know, but becoming a CEO didn’t open up anything new, it just killed your VIP 12 hour cool down. So no more limits on how many VIP Missions you do. Trust me, that’s a good thing. Because now we start our cycles. Do what works best for you, but here’s the general idea:

VIP Work

your actions will be anything that you feel will make you the most money while waiting on VIP Work to become available again. So using the earlier cycle from phase I your cycle could look like this:

Contact Mission
VIP Work
Competitive race or another contact mission
VIP Work
Flight School
Vip Work

on and on… 2 main things to look at are where you are on the map to easily start the next event. I like contact missions because you can start them from anywhere… the less traveling you have to do the less time you waste not making money. You will start to see real progress.

Buy that Vehicle Warehouse 1.5 million - I strongly suggest La Mesa because it’s the cheapest, and in my opinion a great spot all around. It’s in the warehouse district out next to the Merryweather Dock in heavy gang territory so if you decide to risk a public lobby griefers will get an ass full of lead if they try to stalk you in that area.

Phase III - Becoming an MC President and Buying a Cocaine Business
specifically cocaine for max cash output
This shouldn’t take too long if you’ve staged things up as suggested.

pro tip on car import/export: spend time sourcing cars and filling up your garage with only cars that are NOT Top Tier… only sell top tier, store the rest. This will force the only cars to be available to source to be ALL Top Tier all the time - but it takes time to set up ref - 11:44 in video

Your new cycle should look something like this:
Source Vehicle at office (import/export)
VIP Work
Sell Vehicle
VIP Work
Source Vehicle
VIP Work

At this point you’ll be raking in way more cash from VIP work and Sourced cars to really warrant running contact missions or races anymore… but you can pepper them in there if you want… your time, play like you wish.

Suggested Property to start out:
Great Chaparral Clubhouse - 200,000
Alamo Sea Cocaine Lockup - 975,000 (you will want to work toward getting the supply and personnel upgrades ASAP after getting the business)
do your business set up - but do NOT run supply missions, they are a waste of time… always pay for supplies… trust me on this… it’s the correct decision

Phase IV: The Bunker -
By now you are balling, but still on the broke side. it’s time to change that. You have a mechanism in place. Now it’s time to turn on the spout.

Your cycle is still not much changed, we’re just adding in a trip to the lockup to buy supplies and then a trip to sell supplies. Be forewarned, if you let your Coke Lockup run too long without delivering you will have to have more than 1 person to deliver the product… so keep that in mind. I try to sell as often as possible… usually every 80-100K for the lockup. Each business is a little different in how they are timed out so you just have to get a feel for your business.

New Cycle:
Buy Supplies (needs an hour or so to cook)
Vip Work
Source Car
Vip Work
Sell Car
VIP Work
Sell Product

Just that simple

By now you are seeing the pattern…

Buy a Bunker
Suggested Property:
Grand Senora Desert Bunker - $2,120,000

Phase V: Gun-running and making real money
Okay - this is it… you’re here… the machine is primed and ready
All you need to do is upgrade the supply and personnel for the bunker and your ready to make real money… we’re talking 500K in an evening or more if you want to… solo… or more with friends.

New Cycle:
This gets flexible you know the principal at this point. Big thing to remember is your businesses need time to cook while you do VIP work and source vehicles, so buy supplies early and often.
Take time to go back and refill supplies before the business runs out also. There is a delivery time for purchased supplies and if the business runs out of supplies while the delivery is being made then production will stop.

*big note: the reason we buy supplies is because production in our facilities ceases when we begin a supply run… this means all the time spent on the run is wasted. By buying the supplies we keep production running in the businesses and can then turn around and make all our money back from VIP work and Car Import/Export.

If you took time to stage your car warehouse you should be seeing regular car deliveries of 85K - 100K depending on if you have a cargobob to deliver with or not.

Now there are obviously caveats to all of this…but this is what I’ve been putting into practice for the last few days. Last night (with no bonus $ on missions) I somehow made right at 800K.

I hope this helps guys.

TLDR: (video breaks all this down and has some added tips)