GTA Online Double RP, GTA$ Bonuses and More September 9th-15th

Bonus events in Grand Theft Auto V are a weekly tradition at this point. If you follow them, you know that Rockstar has been switching them up every week for at least six months. This week is no different, whether you’re a player trying to grind out some RP or money, or load up your stash thanks to some in-game discounts.

If you’re still trying to get your character to Above the Law fame, this week’s double RP and GTA$ opportunity is a trio of adversary modes. The playlist, called Adversary Modes 9, features Running Back II, Cross the Line IV and Inch by Inch III. As always, you can find the playlist right from the GTA launch screen, or if you’re already in-game, just queue up for the Adversary Modes 9 playlist.

This week you can get in-game discounts on some of the most luxury products Los Santos has to offer:
50% off all Galaxy Super Yachts and model upgrades
25% off yacht customizations
50% off all property purchases
25% off High End Apartment Interiors
50% off all Offices
25% off Office Interiors and Mods
50% off Cargobobs and Valkyries
25% off the Bravado Banshee 900R Upgrade

Last but not least, this week’s featured Premium Race is is the Downtown Loop event. It’s exclusive to the Banshee 900R, so you’ll need one of those bad boys to enter. As always, upon completion, there are payouts for the top three finishers and triple RP up for grabs for everyone. To get a piece of the action, enter via the Quick Job App on your phone or head over to the Premium Race blip found at Legion Square.

This week’s event is already live and will be active until September 15th. Remember, these events are only available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

It’s been said a hundred times, but this game is badass with all the content it keeps putting out, and events it puts together. I don’t have it, but really should get it to support it.


I just feel like I’m so many months behind now that I don’t know if I could ever catch up.
Is it more about the experience or is there some stuff that is gated behind level or something?

I still like popping this game in with some friends and either doing missions, races, or attempting to do heists( still haven’t done them all). With all the different game modes they have now it would be an awsome community game. @unobtainaballs There are a few things gated by level like some weapons, car customizations, and clothes. Not much else though. If you have a couple people to play with its usually a good time.

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