GTA: Online Reveals Transform Races, Condemned, and Dogfight Game Modes

Rockstar keep coming up with more fun ways for their Los Santos citizens to enjoy their countless lives in Grand Theft Auto V’s “GTA: Online”, as they have now revealed three new modes that will be making their way to the game. Players will be able to choose from Transform Races, Condemned, and Dogfight and of course, more content will be on the way after the next update.

With Transform Races, Rockstar will be taking stunt racing to the next level as players will be able to mix vehicle and race types with players switching between land, sea and air. These types of races will utilise everything GTA has to offer and will see races go from speeding downtown in an exotic racer, to traversing the water in a boat, or even transitioning into a plane or jet with a touch of skydiving thrown in the mix for good measure.

Transform Races will be coming later this month. The additional stunt props, which will allow creators to put together their own race courses, will be available later this year.

Condemned and Dogfight are the two new Adversary Modes also coming soon to “GTA: Online”. Condemned is a free-for-all type game mode where one player will be on the clock as a dead man walking. In order for this select player to survive, they must pass their death sentence on to an opponent, presumable by killing them. Dogfight will be for those who prefer their combat to take place high in the sky where only the best and most-skilled pilots will remain in the air at the end of a match. No more details have been revealed just yet for the two Adversary modes.

Rockstar goes on to detail more vehicles making their way to the game:

The Hangars at LSIA and Fort Zancudo will need to make room for upcoming new aerial options, including the lethal and oft-requested Hunter attack helicopter. Road warriors also have some unique new rides to look forward to in the not-too-distant future, including the classy Coil Cyclone supercar and the menacing Vigilante.

More content will be coming to “GTA: Online” towards the end of this year, including new weaponized vehicles, more stock to be added to Legendary Motorsport, and new properties being added on the market via Maze Bank Foreclosures.

Get to grips with the newly revealed modes later this month.