GTA V Shenanigans 2/16/2016 9 PM EST

I will be hosting a GTA room on xbox one tonight if anyone interested. Hopefully we can spend more time gaming than lobbying.

Any suggestions on how to get all in together?

Pray? Magic beans? Rubbing a bald man’s head?


Oh, and I’ll be on.

No corn?

I’ll be on. I want one of those Sultans.

PSA for those with Elite controllers,
Trigger stops won’t let you fire your guns. GTA requires a full trigger pull.

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I might pick this back up never played much online mainly just beat the story mode.

Fuck you @D1G1TALC1PHERS for calling in those Mercenaries!

I never had that happen and was like WTF! Those guys smoked me real fast.

One day GRG (XB1 side at least) will do something other than shoot each other in the face. Probably won’t happen, but I can dream.


We actually hit some missions later on and made a bit of cash with not a lot of effort.

@anon36214017, @anon3687162, @Hezitant_Evil, @DuvalFunk, @D1G1TALC1PHERS, @Lala_Calamari - that was fun. We need to get this going again as a nice diversion from the standard games. Once we went to a Friends only room, we didn’t have many issues.


If getting into games with friends has improved, I will play once again!!! I like running GRG members over with vehicles. Satisfaction guaranteed.

I’m going to run a room for community night tonight. Looks like Digital, Rabb, Jammer, and myself so far confirmed. Hope that @DuvalFunk and @Hezitant_Evil will join us as well.

@TheBodyFarmer, do you have GTA? I thought you did, but can’t remember since it’s been so long since GRG has played it.

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I will be playing rocket league early on but then I will probably switch over to GTA a at some point

yes, I have it but will be doing the BLOPS3 FFA tourney tonight. If the lobbies seem to have improved, it would be great to get into another night. I will look for yall if the tourney goes fast.

How GRG does GTA.

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Here’s how @anon3687162 and I started off the night:


I had mad fun last night. Had a good time with all you guys. Def down to do it again. I’ll be on a bit later tonight, hopefully around 1030 or so but I’ll be on.

I’m gonna get this I’ll try to be on tonight