GTA5 Anybody Interested?

Just wondering, is anybody still playing? My son dug this out recently and after watching him, I want to start playing. I tried for 10 minutes to play the other day and raged. I couldn’t remember how to even pull a gun out and some 10 year old kept trolling me and killing me so I turned it off. I would love to hop on with some people and figure things out again. I remember having a lot of fun with this but I need some help and protection to figure it all out again. Anybody interested in playing?

What platform? I have it on Xbox One and would play it again.

I haven’t played in so long. It’s a fun game. No doubt there.

I’m on the Xbox. Son is wanting it for the PS so may have it there soon also but prefer the Xbox.

Trust me, I suck. Guy kept chasing me around and I couldn’t even remember how to run or pull a gun out. I raged and quit. I need to go into story mode and figure things out again.

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I’d dust off GTA again to get a group together.

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I am in connection hell living on campus right now (as last night showed me) so while I would try who the hell knows if I could get in the group.

I do miss riding the rabbulance.

And the Johnny post is noted in my file of lies just in case.


Let’s figure out a night and give this a try. My schedule is all over the place right now with driving boys to basketball games and practices but surely we can figure something out where we can all get together.

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Something something…shot out my tires… something something.

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