Guerrilla Games showing new IP at E3?

And it may be an open world RPG?

@RTuTTle86 mentioned Guerrilla last night, and KindaFunnyGames talked about this today. One interesting point: they noted that Guerilla hired one of the writers of Fallout: New Vegas after that game shipped. Maybe this is his baby?

Knew it. Can’t wait.

Also didn’t know you watched kinda funny

I watch when I get a chance. I had time today because I’m waiting for clients to give me info I need to actually do something.

Very well might be. Media molecule is another possibility.
Although I don’t think GG project will come out till next year. Kill zone sf will have only been out two years.

I just found out my friends bf I’m in the keys with is going to e3, apparently he makes games for Android. I hate him.

It is not… But super easy to get into apparently