Guild Chat / VOIP

FYI guys, this works.

I was a little disappointed with the lack of Mom and dick jokes last night. Too quiet. We need more bullshit talk. If you guys don’t, I’ll resort to singing Brittany Spears songs.

That is all.

There are times it still is f’d up. I tend to notice the problem when it lists names of people that I know aren’t online playing at the time…I am looking at you @anon42851937

Probably cause everyone has you muted.

It had me on again last night? I didn’t even get home until well after 10 Central from baseball.

It was messed up when I first got on but started working soon after. It was a little quite last night. I am guilty of not talking a lot when there are several people on and talking. It is a lot more fun listening to all the bs. When it gets quiet, it gets boring.

I just want my skill back so I can play. Running around only able to use my staff sucks.

LOL I said staff.


I couldn’t even get on last night, queue was through the roof, and once it did go through, it got stuck on loading screen. Next thing I knew, it was 1am and I still had my controller in hand and drool on my cheek lol

Gunny slipped you roofies. BTW, that wasn’t drool…