H2's Division 2 Question of the Day

All the stuff I am picking up, what should I do with it? Donate it to settlements? Deconstruct (or whatever it’s called)? Sell it? I am a little lost as to what I should be doing.

Donate and deconstruct. the money is not as important. Dontate as you want the schematic rewards from the projects. Breakdown what’s left if not wanted.

Once you fill up on mats and you will then start selling.

What Grex said, only sell if you need the cash for upgrades or I guess if you’re maxed on all components

Found out late last night about this… Was trying to unlock the clan chick, but couldn’t. Guess I had to progress in the story a little more. And yea, put items to projects which will unlock the clan chick eventually…

I ran thru all the control points and all the missions in the first zone hoping something would happen, guess I have to continue on to the next zone or two’s main story just to start then finish projects

Yeah @Bigfish, do the first two main missions for the clan lady.

Wasn’t money more important in Division 1? To buy blueprints?
I only hit a vendor when I first dinged world tier 5 now. Haven’t been back other than to sell

Question of the day. How do I get in the clan after opening that person up?

I asked grex to add you and I both. There’s two free spots from what I can tell.

I’ll be on later if you want to party up again. I dropped soon after you left last night and didn’t get back on.

@Bigfish @h2daddy Sent invites to you both.

Thanks. I have some sort of bug. I have done the air and spa e museum 3 times and it keeps coming up I need to do it. Any ideas?

Is it showing up as a Daily Mission at different enemy levels (Hard, Challenging, etc…) or just not getting credit for it?