Lots of kids tonight’s. In fact way to many kids to count. It was nuts but the kid who won the best costume tonight showed up in a Bob Ross costume. My wife had zero idea who bob Ross was but I did and told the kid the happy trees said he can take what ever he wants. Best costume ever lol.



We had a low turn out. Of course I prepped for the Zombie horde so I had 500 lbs of candy. I knew I was way overstocked so I told them all to just go for it. Grab as much as they want. Candy is a kids gold.

Nothing too crazy with costumes although I maybe had 30 kids tops. Most of the boys were the skull Fortnite guy which of course I recognized.

We had a decent turned out. Weather was not bad. Kids were out early. So lucked out and was able to get some gaming in.

Took the kids to a trunk or treat, and then to a neighborhood. They got loaded up pretty good.

In my town they all go to the center of town to trick or treat and do the Halloween thing. We had two kids show up.

Six kids split in two groups. They started taking a single piece, to which I said “Really?”.
They reached in for a second piece.
“C’mon…handfulls!” One handfull.
“Again!” Two handfulls.
“AGAIN!!!” Third handful.
I just smiled, so they started walking away.
Let them get half way down the walkway and then a “YOU’RE NOT DONE YET!!” Five handfulls each and I still have a shit ton of candy leftover for the office.

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We’re in a quiet neighborhood. Wife overdid the candy, didn’t want to be that house that runs out. We didn’t make it thru the one bowl. Lots of little kids, which was cool. Saw a jawa, that had to be the costume of the night. Was a little girl too. Her dad has a mandalorian sticker on the back of his truck and I was happy to see it’s taken roots in his girl.

New house.
First Halloween.
No kids came round wanting candy.
All the candy is now for ussssss.