Halo 5 Ads announce release date

I’m very surprised this didn’t come up today. I just posted this in my news article but I feel like this is a pretty big deal. This is the first big game to announce their fall release date, (unless you count MGS 5 in september, but thats kinda end of summer right before the season really kicks into gear.)

Both ads debuted last night during walking dead. What do you guys think? who’s this Locke guy? Is this gonna kinda have a dark knight vibe where Master Chief Jon is painted as a bad guy? will there be in game choices with multiple endings? will players be able to choose between the two characters and alternate the story?? I’m very intrigued.

Locke= Halo meets LOST.

Hunt the Truth

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Yeah. Was a pretty big bomb drop. Like that two different perspectives. Which leads me to a possibility that there might be two different endings that can be played.

Also i guess if you pre-order you get that hunk of shot that is the Master Chief Collection for free… so there’s that.

I just wonder how it is going to do after the Master Chief Collection debacle and such a long hiatus.

they already had a alpha/beta… what more of a preview you want?

I’m pretty sure they’ll be unveiling that before too long. Halo’s bread and butter is multiplayer, I’d bet they show that off during E3.